Handy-Grout HG-9

Multipurpose grout pump

The HG-9 is designed for durability while still offering a lightweight grouting solution. It features a cast assembly, ball-check manifold, polyurethane hopper and pressure gauge. The cast assembly ensures a durable design free from excessive welding and the polyurethane hopper ensures lightweight and easy cleaning. An in-line pressure gauge allows the operator to monitor the efficiency in relation to the thickness of the slurry used.


  • Max. Output: 15 ft³/hr  (425 L) 
  • Max Line Pressure: 0 to 100 psi (7 bar) 
  • Material Hopper: 5 gallon (19 L)
  • Material Cylinder: Single 2 in.
  • Stroke: 8 in.  
  • Outlet Size: 1 in. IPT 
  • Max. Aggregate: 1/16 in.  (3mm)
  • Max. Vertical: 20 ft (6m)
  • Max. Horizontal: 50 ft (15m)
  • Power Source: Manual
  • Dimensions (W x L x H): 16  x 24 x 27 in.
  • Hopper Height: 27 in.  (69cm)
  • Weight: 53 lb (24 kg) 
  • Material Valve: Ball-check
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